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Rekero Camp

Rekero Camp lies in the heart of Kenya’s Masai Mara, which plays host not only to an extraordinary concentration and diversity of wildlife but one of nature’s greatest spectacles: the annual migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra across the Serengeti eco system. From a small eight tent camp on a shady bank of the Talek River you are in the heart of a plain which sees much of the wildlife action. In our camp you are in the care of the natural guardians of this fine wilderness and those born and raised on these plains.

Our camp is set up seasonally (June – March) and caters for up to eighteen guests in eight tents of which two are family tents. Gerard Beaton and his partner Jackson Ole Looseyia developed this experience and today it continues to be run by them and the latest Beaton to join the fold Dudu and her fiancé Jono. The management is backed by a team of professional Masai safari guides and camp crew that have worked together for many years. Together they provide our guests with an in depth and truly memorable Masai Mara experience that remains true to its setting. This eco-camp is ideally situated for the annual migration, which is the movement of over one million wildebeest and two hundred thousand zebra from the Serengeti through the Masai Mara in Kenya. Every year the camp is broken and removed for two months to allow the bush and the many wildlife neighbours to return to the site leaving a fresh and recovered wilderness for the next season.

The Masai Mara is Jackson Looseyia’s back yard.  While growing up he learnt his unique bush knowledge from his late father, who was an infamous tracker, hunter and gatherer. He continues to train and work with the guides and guests to ensure this knowledge is shared and enjoyed by all who stay with us.

Captain Duncan Beaton (1864 – 1943) was a well known and familiar figure in the life of Kenya. From the Isle of Skye on the West Coast of Scotland, he first arrived in Africa in 1889 as an agent for the African Lakes Corporation, a company formed to carry on the work of Livingstone in the suppression of the slave trade and the opening up of the commerce of Central Africa.

“Ken Beaton (1905 – 1954), Chief Game Warden (Kenya) and first Director of Uganda’s National Parks was a great man. His ideas on what a park should be and how it should be run were possibly more progressive than any in Africa at the time. The great thing about Beaton was that he was not hidebound by out-dated colonial attitudes to the Africans.” The Enormous Zoo, Colin Wilcox, 1964

“Ron Beaton is one of the most experienced guides in Africa. On foot with his help I got within 20 yards of feeding elephants, and sat on a rock watching a lioness doze in the last warmth of the day.” Financial Times London, May 17th 1996. The vision of Rekero was developed by Ron and his wife Pauline over 16 years ago.

Gerard Beaton took over the responsibility of Rekero ten years ago. Gerard has grown up in the Mara and after reading Geography and Anthropology at Newcastle University became a Professional guide in 1995. Deborah (Dudu) Beaton, the youngest daughter of the family, became the fifth member of the family to be involved with Rekero when she and fiancée Jono arrived to share the management with Gerard and Jackson as they expanded the experience.

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